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The shmup Bullet Soul comes to Steam April 6

The Japanese study 5bp announced Bullet Soul, its generous bale shmup enemy, will reach Steam on April 6.

This version is based on the Xbox 360 and includes all the DLC that was published in the Microsoft console. What is offered is more or less the same: a normal mode with your boss and final secret, the possibility of practicing individual levels in Bancho mode and a time trial to get the best scores in the way Caravan, where you compete against people from around the world via the internet. In addition, a Version B includes a fourth ship and “even more refined gameplay», 1.5 versions of the games cave style.

Here below is the trailer for this release on PC.

In the middle of last year we learned that Bullet Soul published is in the West, a few years after its launch in Japan; 5bp were encouraged that that with the backward compatibility with Xbox One could do to reach more people with 360 game. I don’t know if the thing stayed in water of Borage, that Yes, because at least in Europe the only version available is the Japanese, imported, as it has been throughout life.

This PC version further expands the potential audience of the game, and is, I believe, a good news for all fans of the genre that we are finding in the platform’s Valve an unexpected ally.

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