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The story of Dead Rising 4 closes with Frank Rising

The DLC that extends the story of Dead Rising 4 now available. above is the trailer for launch of this Frank Rising, which ends the story of the reporter and his troubles with the undead.

Dead Rising 4 misinterpreted their own DNA and ended up giving a show that basically says a couple of things about vacuum and functional that Capcom series has finished turning, and on the accommodation of players. This DLC comes to finish a story that is criticized for its open end; mutilated to sell you the separate end, some would say, among which I am not. (This is a little spoiler of the end of Dead Rising 4, Capcom, me cago in the sea).

The case is that here Frank survives as a zombie, or sobremuere, but still from a mental border that makes that hope to human beings is not lost. That is this new piece of history, included in the season pass or for sale separately, as they say.

Do not is the only additional content that is planned. Coming soon will be Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf course, which is just what the title says.

Once enough I liked to think of it with a certain taste, but disappointed, without a doubt, the fan of Dead Rising that I have inside. Where the first flourished within the limits and playing with that pressure of a gifted way, this fourth installment wallows of unlimited possibilities which, without reference point, lose weight and interest.

Assume that the problem is in removing a very recognizable element of Dead Rising to do something like that “majority of people” who couldn’t stand the burden of trial game. On the contrary, think which gives the nail on the head: bringing the formula everyone, Dead Rising 4 leaves to expose the part most shameful of the worlds open progression systems artificial and excess of interactions, facing the player with a mass zombie who, like him, can afford the luxury of loitering in search of victims, without one purpose greater than unlimited consumption. The difference is that we don’t waste time: using the jargon that touches, invest it.

You can read the full analysis here.

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