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The study of Bravely Default Announces Xenko, his game engine

Silicon Studio, the Studio behind the celebrated Bravely Default and Bravely Second for Nintendo 3DS, announced Xenko, its first foray into the market of game engines. The release is expected for the month of April.

Open source and in C#, Xenko is designed to meet the current and future needs, explains Silicon Studio, developers of video games. Although it is «specially prepared to create realistic games», study says that also is useful for other types of project. According to Terada Takehiko, head of the company, take the step from themiddleware to a complete engine was, in fact, quite easy for us,” according to the words of which are reproduced in the press release.

“We were in the position to tackle some of the complaints that have developers on other shopping engines that are on the market, and from there we began to see what would need to be successful developers in the future, including support for VR and mobile», explains.

Its middleware, such as YEBIS or OROCHI (dedicated to the post-processing of Visual effects and physics, respectively), are used in many games, from 3D Dot Game Heroes (in whose development participated Silicon Studio, in fact) or Dynasty Warriors to Bloodborne or Final Fantasy XV.

It can mess with Xenko on his GitHub or by downloading the free beta that is on their official website. When the final version is released Xenko will pay, although prices have not yet given.

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