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Filtered by accident the sequel shadows of Mordor

Filtrada por accidente la secuela de Sombras de Mordor

Someone in the store template Target has bundled it enough and thanks to be anthological skid has been leaked to the world the existence of one of those sequels that were not announced but more or less all were clear that end up coming. He is the next installment of La Tierra-Media: shadows of Mordor, the game of Monolith taking lent the Arkham formula – which seems to have become the formula for Warner: also applied it, in part, to Mad Max – stealth and combat free-flow and put us in the shoes of retaliation, a military gondoriano murdered by troops of Sauron who returns from the dead with superpowers to take revenge on the inhabitants of Mordor.

All of this set in the 60 years between The Hobbit and The Lord of the rings, a Mr narrative hole where it is as much as to make a game, two or, as it has all the earmarks in this case, a trilogy.

If this filter is correct, and it has all the earmarks because it comes with cover included, the sequel would be title Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, which probably translates here as Tierra-Media: shadows of war, and it would release date August 22 this year. The item discovered by a source of Wario64 showed two versions, PS4 and Xbox One (one would expect, under normal conditions, another version for PC), which have rapidly disappeared from shop.

We have contacted Warner to see if they have something to say on the matter, we are waiting for a response.

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