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There will be no more Battlefield in «two years»

With Battlefield 1 running quite well and with opinions in general favorable, not seems that EA have need any of reinforce the image of its franchise arranging some outrageous with a new release. The series is in a moment of calm, comfortable, and seems that the company plans to keep in that State while they arremangan and get your hands into other projects, as for example something related to a franchise very little known, I don’t know if I sound: Star Wars.

No habrá más Battlefield en «un par de años»

This week the director financial of EA, Blake Jorgensen, was in an event for investors organized by Nasdaq and let fall that not released «another Battlefield in a couple of years». He did not say the reasons, although it is clear that the game remains you front a very long tour of DLCs and several expansions, but yes he explained in what would be busy Meanwhile: a sequel to “much larger” Star Wars Battlefront that will arrive in 2017, he says, “will have the opportunity add more content of new movies and become something greater» , clearly referring to the criticisms he received the game last year for its low content.

Jorgensen also recalled that Christmas opens another film framed in the universe of Star Wars, Rogue One (the first of a trilogy on the sidelines of the main narrative entitled Star Wars Anthology), and taking into account that the second Battlefront in this new stage has no release date but will fall without doubt by September or October (when traditionally leave great shooters) You can be assured that the game will include content Episode VII and the spin off, in addition to what can be maintained from the other two Trilogies, if it arises.

Another thing no, but SAYS both EA can boast of having the rights of a truffled IP content to exploit and, this is also important, that generates large currents of opinion which watch face correct mistakes or take note of suggestions.

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