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TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan disappears from the digital stores

Activision has retired TMNT: mutant in Manhattan Steam, the Store of PlayStation and the bazaar of Xbox.

The game, developed by Platinum Games, is published in mayo from 2016, by what has State to the sale in these platforms of distribution digital less than a year. Eight months have bastado for its poisonous influence manche for always the image of Platinum, creators of Bayonetta, Vanquish or The Wonderful 101 (them three best games of the history: not it say I, but the Vatican, the WHO and the King, that is my father).

These days they have also disappeared from The Amazing Spider-Man games published by Activision, which seems closing contracts at a good speed to start in 2017.

In the time of the publication, are to the hopes of a connected official of the company, that of time not has could respond to our questions.

In this House we are especially fans of the work of Platinum, past, present, and probably future, so the disappointment that was, in general, this game of Ninja turtles here was more deep and stabbing. I agree with what said Pep on him at the time:

The deception involved in all this, because it would be easier to digest If you could point out to Activision as the only guilty. Sure that is his thing, by far, of limited duration, the recycled content with chutzpah, the Craps of the hogs, the crafteo, the statistics and spoofed progression or the shameful section technical – despite an art direction very successful; I like how the turtles have been and flips me the appearance of Slash or Shredder. This time, and to difference of what happened with Transformers Devastation and The Legend of Korra, Platinum Games not has known strain here nor little of his spark. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan is bad at optimum conditions, with friends, and a disaster when playing offline.

«U n commissioned listless, without sense and without future. «Pizza for today, hunger tomorrow», completed; You can read his analysis here.

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