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Two teasers from Resident Evil 7 [updated]

Capcom has released two teasers from Resident Evil 7 in which they recognize, despite the new first-person view, elements that are familiar to the veteran player: a shotgun, an inventory with very limited capacity, the dark corridors of a large House. Also a phone. You have one of those videos on these lines; the other, below.

Are part of a series more big of ten, so will update to be published.

Despite the apparently radical shift the first person, Capcom sought to reassure fans on occasion ensuring that green herbs, for example, do not go anywhere: this is Resident Evil, after all. After several years managing the series more or less erratic, this is one of those developments that are appreciated; the teasers tone does not seem to remember Resident Evil 6, at least: every reasonable resemblance to P.T. we took him is a smile on a child’s face.

Comes out January 24, 2017, so it is not very far. Will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, where you can play with PSVR.

Update, 18 / 10, 17:09: Capcom has published the volumes 3 and 4 of this series of teasers; You can see them below.

Update, 26/10, 9:00: Two more videos. Touch the grasses green, more famous than the zombies, almost, and a new look to Jack Baker, one of the new characters, which is rather rare, as it can be seen in the sixth teaser.

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