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Turtle Rock Studios is no longer officially work at Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios deja de trabajar oficialmente en Evolve

Despite the attempt to revive your community doing to go free on PC, Turtle Rock Studios announced that it ceases to work at Evolve, with immediate effect.

In the farewell letter the study explains that “today is the last day that we can work at Evolve”; to give thanks to 2K “out of their comfort zone and financing Evolve: Stage 2 for an AAA game free to play», also feels that would have liked to Turtle Rock that things were otherwise:

This is the life of them developers triple to not be self-financing and not are owners of their IP. We don’t have the opportunity to decide. We all know that in advance but we signed on the dotted line because we love what we do. It makes us happy to have had the opportunity to do something risky, something new and innovative. We create a whole new world of science fiction. We could go to the planet Shear and interact with the flora and fauna alien. We could hunt, trap and kill monsters together. Could BE the monster. What experience so incredible.

The servers of the game continue to active, and the community has a last meeting official in the channel official of Twitch, where Turtle Rock will make a streaming of Evolve the day 27.

A few months ago, quite drastic, was decided to become a free game Evolve PC version. «No monetization in the game», then said those responsible. «It only that we matter now is make the best game possible for make grow the base of players». The intention seemed very good and got reactivated temporarily to their community, but not has been, seems, enough for them of up.

The decisions about the game and its future are now thing of 2 K, to which belongs the brand. Turtle Rock encourages to his community to follow visiting their forums, where is can speak both of Evolve as of Left 4 Dead or of those new projects that will reveal soon.

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