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Ubisoft joins the trend: will not send copies of Steep for analysis until its release


Taking into account the notes that specialized media have launched in the latest analysis of video games, development and distribution companies not have thought it was twice and they have begun to limit the sending of copies for review. I.e., the companies themselves have decided to wait a little while in order to limit, in some ways, analysis that could damage them.

So far, the number of empreass carried out this task was very limited. However, the own Ubisoft has recently joined the trend. He main handicapped in this occasion is Steep, a project sports that is has made very famous in just a few days. However, the analysis of the title will have to wait since the Distributor has announced that not send the copies to the press until the game is on sale in stores.

Ubisoft has explained the reason for this decision:

To ensure a complete experience, the Steep analysis will begin when the servers have the sufficient level of players. This movement in mind, the people responsible for the analysis will receive the corresponding copies as of December 2, when the game has been released. We must bear in mind that Steep multiplayer experience is essential and must have enough players.

In any case, the decision of Ubisoft seems reasonable, since wants copies of press only put in place when they can ensure a complete and perfect experience. That Yes, we will be very attentive to the notes are published. Could you bring us a surprise.

Remember that Steep will come to the sale the next 2 of December, for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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