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These are the new Nvidia drivers compatible with the latest games

Watch Dogs 2

NVIDIA gets lately in a rather curious tessitura. Although not to speak much of the company, you have to know that the company is continuously working on new graphics chips and in their corresponding drivers, which must also be compatible with the latest technologies available in video games. The responsibility is usually greater than expected.

Taking into account the latest releases in terms of video games, including the next start-up to Watch Dogs 2, Dead Rising 4 and Steep selling, the company has published a new version of their drivers so that projects are compatible with graphics cards that are for sale in shops. Of done, if you have a latest generation graphics chip, the same installation is almost obligatory.

Nvidia drivers version 376.09 focuses especially on compatibility with past video games that have been released, always guaranteeing maximum stability and performance. They are not in beta, which means that its operation should be more than correct. The company did not mention if major adjustments, have been made although it is expected that there is some that another novelty.

Regarding the download of the drivers, 376.09 version you can download from the link we put below. Do not forget that the installation may take a while.

Download page | NVIDIA

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