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Ultra Street Fighter II for Switch will be released on May 26

Ultra Street Fighter II para Switch saldrá el 26 de mayo

Nintendo has announced the release date of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, the new revision to the Capcom classic Switch: will be available starting on May 26. The game will be published both in physical format and the eShop, and cost 40 euros.

The main novelties of this version are the two new fighters (Evil Ryu and Violent Ken; is not the first time that appear, but this time the two are playable) and a game mode, way of fate, which is played in first person, from the perspective of Ryu, using control movement of the Joy-with to do the most famous movements of the main character in Street Fighter. «Grace is to launch the hadokens to the screen doing the same gesture of the Kamehameha, and something similar with the rest of the movements ‘, we mentioned a few weeks ago, when we met the new way.

The visual style is similar to the from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, but the original 16-bit graphics are also eligible.

Besides that, still there throughout life arcade mode and the traditional Versus and training, fairly self-descriptive. Switch machine multiplayer possibilities take advantage in combat Duo mode, in which “two friends may ally to launch new combos of two players and attack opponents by many flanks», says the press release; remove the Joy- and play doubles at any site is another attraction of this version. You can also play against other people in online modes.

It remains to be seen how behave different forms of play Switch with a game like this, you don’t need almost no introduction. The Joy-with are not designed for high level competitive play, but maybe get surprised in the emerging pachanguilla, arising spontaneously in airports, basketball courts, roofs and other scenarios that the company has proposed as presentation suggestions.

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