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Videos, Please, the parody of Papers, Please about the blockbusters

First of all, writing the headline has startled me one of those quite irrelevant linguistic problems: in all Spain was called “videoclub” to the movie rental business? It wonder because has certain grace call club to something that not it is nor remotely, and that works exactly equal that a company of rent of cars or motorbikes of water. Never knew other members of Videohogar (so in my neighborhood was called) I attended meetings or talks filmmaking, nor I know that are never made.

Videos, Please, la parodia de Papers, Please sobre los videoclubs

Exhibited doubt, move on to talk about the game: Videos, Please is a nice creation hanging of and in which its author, Grand Theft Marmot, not only parody Papers, Please but at the end of the description of the project offers specifically apologized to Lucas Pope, the author of the original bureaucratic puzzle.

That’s their level of self-awareness, and neither lacks humour: this time we are not official that puts the Red seals but the unfortunate poor that is on the other side, in a dictatorship in which it seems the only way that our four children don’t die of hunger is, in fact, renting movies.

Nonsense thread that connects nutrition and audiovisual consumption makes no sense, and Moreover the game knows this, and so he jokes when “Bloc-Buster” dependent speaks to us of the movies as a source of hope and hope as a handle to life, even against our mortal body weather.

The most interesting of all is the challenge of Videos, Please take the minimum stipulated time to choose a movie that you like to the family and avoid death by malnutrition, precisely the most difficult thing for those fortunate enough to live the era of video stores: avoid the temptation to spend hours and hours seeing covers and reading the synopsis. Oh, what nostalgia!

Videos, Please was created in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 36, with the central theme of the ancient technology and on which Victor spoke to us in three great articles: this, this and this.

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