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Alienation and Tales from the Borderlands between PS may Plus games

Sony has announced the games who will join in May the instant collection of PlayStation Plus, those games of which subscribers receive each month to its online services. The entrees are, this time, Alienation , and Tales from the Borderland, both for PS4.

The first is a twin stick shooter developed by Housemarque, Finnish Kings of the arcade. «Do you like killing aliens? «Who not? ‘, they ask on the PlayStation blog. To me, Sony. Don’t like me. My intention is to receive them with open arms, are of peace, ready to create a new interplanetary Government. Fantasy proposed Alienation, the talk button is replaced by a large number of ways to shatter the creatures that cross your path; between that and the relatively random nature of the game, with their loots and procedural levels, seems that we will be friends in the fucking life. In the fucking life, do you hear?

(In Latin America instead of Alienation are Abzu, the celebrated game of diving-Giant Squid; it is not usual to make this distinction between regions, but this month touched as well.)

For his part, Tales from the Borderlands is an adventure from Telltale inspired by the universe of Gearbox. It is often said that it is one of the best in the study, who is now with the third season of The Walking Dead and his adventure in guardians of the Galaxy. I was going to say that it is as good as any other opportunity to discover their games by episodes, their stories marked by decisions and its characteristic visual style, but I say that this seems even better.

Although they are not directly of PS4, to the desktops arrive also, bounce, Laser disk Defenders and Type:Rider, de Vita, why buy cross. The first is an arcade of those that love in Vita; the second, an interesting experiment that uses typefaces to shape their world.

Finally, PS3 meets Blood Knights, a hack and slash to the devil developed by Deck13 (those of Lords of the Fallen or the next comes The) and Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, Simulator set in the best time of humanity, the 16th century, when political correctness has not had mortally wounded to the world and one could give an Oreo filled with toothpaste to any indigent without the feminist Marxist They censuraran your jokes in poor taste in the comments on the website of El Pais.

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