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An exploit allows you to run homebrew on PS Vita programs

Un exploit permite ejecutar programas hombrew en PS Vita

A new exploit for PlayStation Vita unlocks it to take advantage of its possibilities with homebrew software, programs not certified by Sony; them examples more common of this type of software are ports of games from other platforms or emulators that allow run games of consoles old.

The name of this exploit is HENkaku and its use is extremely simple; It is similar to the famous jailbreak mobile phones. Simply access the website of HENkaku from a Vita with firmware 3.60 (the latest available; update the console eliminates the possibility of using HENkaku) in order to access the file system from any FTP client and install the console programs homebrew, which can skip some limits that “official” developers have to follow more strictly.

In addition, HENkaku also unlock Vita TV to make it possible to run any game on the Sony console, by default only compatible with a limited number of titles.

Yifan Lu, head of the exploit, explains that «does not allow you to install or run “backups” of Vita, warez or any pirated content. Do not disable any DRM. Not let you decrypt encrypted games. This is my point of view on the subject: I don’t in any way piracy. I do not judge people hacking. I am not going to be the policeman of the pirates. However, personally I am not going to write any tool that facilitates piracy. «Is my choice, of the same way that steal content is the choice of the pirate».

Just over one year ago I wished that it was Sony that would free his machine, to make outside the community which which take advantage of possibly the best laptop ever. The release has come, in the end; the truth is that right now, beyond of emulators and a port of the first Doom, there is a scene of too interesting home development, but it would be a joy that someday we would have things as interesting as that could play in the good years of Nintendo DS; now is the time of reconquering Vita, we could say.

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