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Available demo of Outlast 2 [updated]

Disponible la demo de Outlast 2 para PS4

Update: As you might expect, Outlast 2 demo has already appeared on Steam and Xbox digital store.

For some reason, it is available only until November 1. Once downloaded, that Yes, you can continue playing whenever you want.

Original story: Although the game network Barrels will not come in time for Halloween, as it was originally intended, as this Outlast 2 demo us goes for ‘trick or treat’. At the moment it is only available for PS4 and, for a change, I have failed to find it in the Store of the console; I had to add it to the list of download from here. They are 5.1 GB of nothing.

I guess that this trial version will be available on Steam and Xbox Live sooner rather that later. However, its leaders have not said anything about platforms since they dropped it from the demo with this hidden message. What if said is that it is a fragment of the final game, nothing prologues or medium independent as P.T. or Resident Evil 7 Teaser stories: Beginning Hour. Indeed, I understand that is the same demo that takes giving turns from the last E3 and that have already in your channel almost all them YouTubers.

The first Outlast said pinjed that “is a game extremely well balanced, not you abused the cheap scares as much as it gives us the creeps with its oppressive atmosphere». For the sequel, which will be published at the beginning of 2017, psychiatric hospital gives way to the places of worship of a slightly more last thread that the majority sect. Only a little.

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