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Brutal Doom 64 will be published on 30 October

The modder Sergeant_Mark_IV has announced the release date of Brutal Doom 64, a mod that carries the Nintendo 64 shooter to PC. Above you have a trailer that you can see what looks like, and the date in question: October 30, «a day before Halloween».

The purpose of the mod is, says its creator, «bring Doom 64 GZDoom and Zandronum», taking advantage to apply as many improvements to the original as possible. «Unlike EX 64 Doom or Doom 64 Absolution, the goal of this project is not make a port for PC Doom 64 1:1, but improve it in all possible ways, adding the satisfactory gore and the shootings of Brutal Doom, new sounds and special effects that enhance the oppressive atmosphere of Doom 64 and trying to include all the content that was removed from the original game for the Nintendo 64 cartridges space.»

Sergeant_Mark_IV, creator also of Brutal Doom, has recreated the 32 levels of the original of Nintendo 64 and also has added enemies and weapons that not arrived to appear; its intention is updating the mod soon to add still more content.

The importance of Doom 64 is more of which usually think is: as explains the modder, is a «game completely new», instead of a port of the first for PC, «with levels, textures, sprites and enemies completely new, and a new argument that occurs just after it occurred in Doom 2, that suggests that is the prequel of Doom 2016 and is considered an explanation reasonable of why the Marine is was in the hell and began to» «being known as the Doom Slayer». Many theories of fans, says, it is considered Canon and the “authentic Doom 3».

You can download at ModDB.

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