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Dragon Quest Builders will arrive in Europe in October

It has been almost a year since we talk about Dragon Quest Buildersfor the first time, that game Minecraft set in the universe of Dragon Quest style. It went on sale in Japan in January this year for three Sony consoles and has sold 700,000 copies among the three. These good figures seem to have encouraged Square Enix to bring the game to the West and on Friday, coinciding with the 30 th anniversary of the series, it was announced that in October we will have it here. Builders will be launched in digital and physical format for PlayStation 4 and only digital for PlayStation Vita.

Even just an excuse, the argument of Dragon Quest Builders have some grace. A what if of the first Dragon Quest could be considered. The hero instead of the villain of the day, defeating allies himself with it. The world is completely destroyed and the protagonist of Builders has to fix it all.

Although resources and structures will be based on the game, Builders also has its own story arc, all secondary missions that can be expected of a Dragon Quest and, of course, fighting (in real time this time). The trailer there above not teaches nothing of the game, but hey, is cute.

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