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Furi opens with the games of PlayStation Plus of July the coming week

Furi se estrena en PlayStation Plus la semana que viene

Furi, the action game of The Game Bakers with lashes of hack and slash and shmup, comes out July 5; on the same day will be available, PS4, for subscribers of PlayStation Plus as part of the snapshot collection.

Also for the current generation of Sony console will be available free of charge Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, the expansion of the independent Saints Row IV which came out early last year. He told us pinjed which, without being indispensable, yes it is a nice ‘wildness in the mileage psychiatric history of Saints Row, a display of alienation and absurdity of biblical dyes in which the friends of the pandilocura will find another half-dozen hours in which let melt the brain at the mercy of the absurd, the violence and the total lack of shame or of no interest to have something».

This month, also bet on the free-to-playPlus: subscribers will have access to the Pack of founders of Paragon, the MOBA of Epic Games, which typically costs 20 euros and includes a series of challenges that unlock aspects and provocations for three of the heroes of the game, as well as «an increase in reputation for 3 games». From July 12, you can also download Kill Strainseven days before its premiere in open, 19.

Neither the own Sony gives you too much (just seen on the promotional document that I have sent to the media), but PS3 and Vita also receive their games. For the first, we have Fat Princess and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood; for the laptop, Prince of Persia Revelations and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodline.

Yesterday also met July Gold games for Xbox One and 360, notably The Banner Saga 2.

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