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Get bids from Steam!


And after this waiting period, Steam is back with its usual summer offerings.

Since last 23 until July 4 , will maintain current offerings. Finally ended that miserable and fateful malaise that caused the false use of having to wait for the daily deals or, worse, flash offers, it seems that Valve has chosen to opt for other routes.

During the latest sales last year, already suspected that the model that the own Steam had self-imposed would eventually be modified. Many predicted a change in the menu of the digital store, but became something better (at least for the moment): a situation of perpetual rebate of each game during the period that are active bids.

While Steam emphasis in some sagas of video games in particular, by placing it on the front page (remember that the cover will change), keep in mind that other games annexed to these deliveries will also be at discount. For example, if Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed is on offer and on the home page, other deliveries of the franchise will also be it.

Take a look at the entire catalog, because you Rome with exciting and attractive offers.

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