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Hearthstone receives more missions but winning gold is complicated


The latest patch of Hearthstone surprised the players of this title with the addition of new missions. An interesting addition but that it has had a direct impact on the game since as a direct consequence has been that win gold for free is more complicated. These missions are thematic in nature, and most of them involves playing a large number of cards of one type in particular to be able to complete them and obtain the precious gold.

While these new missions for Hearthstone are much more varied that before, the player has that invest more time and games for to complete them, making more slow the process of get gold. While them missions old not have disappeared, Yes is true that proportionately are less, and although the requirement of win necessarily disappears, the time total to complete them new missions increases of form considerable.

It is clear that the format “Free to Play” follows at Hearthstone, but also that is increasingly more complex to make gold quickly. Players must invest more time to take over the missions gold, although it is also true that it brings some advantages. To eliminate the need of having to win the game, theme decks with which to experiment and try new combinations are possible. In any case, at the moment seems to be necessary to invest more hours to play Hearthstone without spending real money.

On the other hand, next to new missions to Hearthstone entered adjustments to some letters of murlocs so that they only have effect with our letters. To date, several of these letters had direct synergy with the cards of the opponent, something that is not possible as a result of this patch. While these letters have been modified, Blizzard has not disenchant them by the total number of its value.

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