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Hollow Knight now available on PC

Hollow Knight, the metroidvania drawings developed by Team Cherry, is now available on PC. It can be found in Steam, GOG, and Humble.

Although they have reached a first goal, «Team Cherry work is far from completed», explained. «Today we have already returned to it. Dave [Kazi, technical director] is working for the Mac build is ready, and William [Pellen, Designer] is preparing a patch with changes and optimizations. After a lot of people, with all kinds of different computers, start playing, you learn a lot! Very fast. We will take care of anything that comes out as we move forward”.

The Mac version should have come out the same day as Windows, but a few days ago announced a delay of breaking due to last-minute technical problems. Assumes that you have a version for Linux that also has arrived.

Hollow Knight is one of those games financed via Kickstarter launch coincided with the last months of Wii U. As it was the case recently with Yooka-Laylee, here also the decision, perhaps controversial, cancel the version of Wii U and bet directly by Nintendo Switch, the new console of the company. There is still not a concrete release date, but the Studio wants to be «not long after the launch of the platform», March 3.

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