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Nioh passed by Omega Force before becoming a project of Team Ninja

During the next few months, if all goes well, it will end three stories of Japanese developments especially long: of course is The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV shifted up to number, but also Nioh holds its own. Before becoming the the Team Ninja game that we got to try on your alpha and beta, he tried to be several different things to go through so many studies of Koei Tecmo.

In an interview to Eurogamer, the director creative Fumihiko Yasuda explains that the project not arrived to abandon is all during those 12 years and that eventually separating its announcement of its launch. The initial idea of Kou Shibusawa, CEO of the editor, was to make a JRPG – I had to supplement, that I said to him recently, a film based on a script Akira Kurosawa left unfinished and that his son Hisao sought to recover. Later, said Yasuda unspecified dates, the project «it surrendered to Omega Force and resembled more a game-style Warriors». Not came from one, clear: Although the manufactures of mousou has already the saga Samurai Warriors, put to them typical demons of the folklore Japanese could have been a difference enough. Indeed, go you know if not out of there the Toukiden of that same people.

“Team Ninja takes only 3-4 years» working at Nioh, clarifies Yasuda, which does not have problem to recognize its obvious source of inspiration: «Yes, [Dark Souls] had a great impact on the direction our project ended up taking. «We have the Souls saga in very, very high estimates and has captivated a very wide, even in Japan public».

And now, with the release date already set, Nioh policymakers seem to have it all more or less in place. «Them changes between the beta and it version end not will be so drastic as that have seen of the alpha to the beta», says, in reference to those weapons and armor that were tremendously fragile in the first version of test and that already not is break with the use. Paying attention to the feedback of the players managed to answers more favorable in their own surveys. However, still having clear that not everything is negotiable; the stamina bar management not everyone likes, for example, “but that’s how the game should be, in our heads. […] «No we are servants, are creators!».

I still think that they can skate in several places, that does not suffice to be opportunistic and that there is a gap between what they put on the table Ninja Gaiden 3 and what is required to fit the pieces of a game as Nioh. It is also true, things as they are, that I ended up giving both versions of testing much more than I expected and, what the hell, have you this harder than others many.

Nioh will be available to PS4 the the 9 of February of 2017.

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