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NVIDIA publishes the first Battlefield 1 and World of Warcraft compatible drivers: Legion

Battlefield 1

Each time that new games are implemented, the companies responsible for the graphics cards also have to work in order to update the drivers of the own components. I.e., you upgrade software that not only yield is the maximum, but it is also possible to achieve compatibility. In fact, even errors and graphic bugs that are resolved are.

World of Warcraft: Legion and Battlefield 1 will be two of them next releases more eye-catching. Not in vain, Nvidia, manufacturer of some of the most popular and sold on the market, graphics cards has already hands to work so that they are compatible with the games. He has recently published an update to their drivers, which have received the 372.70 version. The software does not is beta, but already is fully prepared.

We must bear in mind that the development of the drivers is not generic, but that Nvidia has specifically thought Battlefield 1, in World of Warcraft beta: Legion, and in the upcoming release on Quantum Break of Steam. The company not has confirmed improvements, although must say that, in general, is obtained novedadades in the performance and it optimization. Nor is has confirmed the support of configurations SLI.

If you have a card graphic of Nvidia, especially if is of them more recent, recommend install these new drivers, which is can download from the page official of the company. An installation very recommended for the implementation of those new games.

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