Wednesday , February 28 2024

Analysis of Little Nightmares


They say that the function of a critic is to tell part of his own experience; What does not usually say much is that that experience is always preceded and often conditioned by other experiences. The most recent events that has happened in the field of culture, before it finally …

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Bayonetta for PC is updated with a teaser of Vanquish


Platinum Games entered the market betting strong on direct and stylized action. A treatment that is a hallmark of the study and who has fallen in love to the hardcore gamers of half the world with creations of long pedigree. Bayonetta, from Hideki Kamiya, and Vanquish, Shinji Mikami, may be …

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Scanner Sombre is introversion, and comes out last tomorrow

The new game from Introversion, Sombre Scanner, will be available on the day 26 of this month, as announced by the Studio today. Above you can see the trailer for launch. Scanner Sombre is an exploration game that puts you in the shoes of someone who wakes up between stone …

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N ++ is updated on Steam and doubles its number of levels

At the time, in the mid-2015, N ++ seemed a tiring exercise: because it is a game with some intricacies, but also because thousands of levels (2.360, specifically) you throw all the ideas that may be all that can exist in the world, almost. The Metanet network game has become …

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Great lightsaber in the games with Gold in may

As always, the week before the change of month comes the classic video from Microsoft announcing the novelties that incorporates your games with Gold catalogue to subscribers. This month of may the thing returns to being a little «WHAT YEAR IS IT» with four sets of three franchises that, all …

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Podcast Reload: Programme 28, season 8

» Download MP3 From the far East we receive this week a couple of news from those that, sooner than later, can become something very serious: on one side is the new digital platform that Tencent aims to sneak into Western markets and then is that of the sports at …

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