Wednesday , March 29 2017

New videos of Gran Turismo Sport, PS4 on PS Now games


Sport GT In a few days will begin the GT Sport-closed beta, the new iteration in the saga of Polyphony Digital to be released in a future yet to materialize in PS4. Departure dates are not something to be fulfilled by the Japanese, but it seems that we can play …

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Full Throttle Remastered has launch date


Been to pray, but Double Fine has finally announced the date of Full Throttle Remastered. April 18 was the date chosen by the study of Tim Schafer to return to life is classic graphic adventures launched 22 years ago. A well-liked title but whose legacy has gone very unnoticed after …

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Returns the draw for Patrons


After a first quarter absolutely insane in terms of releases of important games, and after a Christmas lottery in which we throw the House out the window in an almost reckless way, today we finally return to the healthy habit of giving away stuff to those who we offer your …

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Sanctuary of Myam


Warning! This article contains spoilers about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In these last two weeks I’ve seen a lot of people commenting the Myam shrine, one of the first tests that crosses one in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In three groups of …

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The next patch of Planet Coaster brings crime and vandalism

One of the things that I liked Planet coaster was used that totally free camera that gives us the game and down the perspective of visitors to the Park. See them walk, talk, buy ice cream, wait in line, sitting on bench, collide slightly interconnected through the more crowded areas …

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4 FlatOut: Total Insanity will be available March 17

We arrived a little late with the trailer, but still have the same good looking four days ago: 4 FlatOut: Total Insanity out within three days in physical format from the hand of the people of BadLand Games for PS4 and Xbox One. He game promises sheets flying, chassis deformed, …

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The catalog of PlayStation Now include PS4 games this year


Sony has announced that gaming by streaming, PlayStation Now, service will be expanded this year to include PlayStation 4 games in its catalog. He has not said when it will be available or is specified if there are restrictions of region, but the company says that it will share ‘more …

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Virtual-On returns in a narrative spin-off for PS4 and Vita

Someone with more experience than a server in the activity that took place within the Miss arcades will know if Cyber Troopers Virtual-On arrived the Spanish halls in the form of machine or not. Of course to Saturn the first series did it and I could play the second, Cyber …

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