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Prototype of NX with screen of 6.2 inch, 720 p and two ports USB (rumor)


NX goes road of convert is in the console of them rumors and is that the lack of information official causes a drip of news -reliable or not-in form of rumors that extend the possible orientation portable of the machine.

He last rumor comes from the same source that leaked certain details of Breath of the Wild and some flashes of NX, the next new console of them of Kyoto. Take it as rumors with some reliability, but never as something official. Point by point:

  • The prototype of NX had a display of 6.2 inch capable of show games to 720 p.
  • The prototype of the base of connection had two ports USB.
  • The article mentioned the detachable controls and support for force feedback and motion controls was a true.

The devil is in the details and in this case the mention of prototype. The source said that those features of NX belong to the prototype of the system and that could change in the final version.

Via | Neo-GAF

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