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Resident Evil 7 presents their classical mechanics

box shotgun Resident Evil 7

Capcom is releasing small videos that display various facets of Resident Evil 7. Some of these marks is linked with aspects classic of them games as the system of engraving limited to certain areas, the trunk for save objects or the cure through the plants green typical in Resident Evil.

Of time, 6 are the fragments that the Capsule Corp. It has shared with the community. We go with them:

1. mysterious call.

2. shotgun in the trunk. A subtle way of showing the back of the trunk and limited inventory.

3. recorder.

4. hoarding. Use of the knife for different tasks. The knife in a new perspective.

5. survival. Healing with the grass green with combination of elements. Heal in real-time.

6. immortal. An enemy immortal in this new delivery of Resident Evil 7, a classic.

Capcom will share more moments of Resident Evil 7 with us during the next few weeks. We will see more mechanical playable are saved in the manga.

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