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The movie of Uncharted continues forward and already have director: Shawn Levy

La película de Uncharted sigue adelante y ya tiene director: Shawn Levy

Here makes enough time that not talked of a project so stagnant in the waters of the development hell that already almost seemed one of those memes, a joke recurrent. But it seems that in the last year Sony ComicCon already it warned that Uncharted path of cinema Yes or Yes and that the film shows in the summer of 2017. A few months later you did something unusual as it is to Remove the approximate date, delete it from the calendar without replacing it with a new one, but pointing out that the thing was its normal progress. The script was going to be Joe Carnahan, who also aspired to the tape.

Finally seems that Sony has decided stay is with your script but put you to direct Bad Boys For Life (the third delivery of Bad Boys for January of 2018, with the reunion of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, that will return to verse them faces in a fourth film a year after), and is has sought to another so carry the baton in the filming of them adventures of Nathan Drake.

He chosen is Shawn Levy, a Canadian to which know by having directed several episodes of Stranger Things (something that will continue to doing in it already confirmed second season) and a good lot of movies of these topless that is premiered in summer, as the trilogy of night in the Museum, them Fellows or steel pure. A conscientious guy, without stridency or virtuosity. I would like to think that the influence of the duo Bruce Straley-Neil Druckmann goes to be gigantic and by that have settled to a director without pretensions that is let advise. Too optimistic, truth?

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