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Resident Evil 7, the game more difficult in the saga

Resident Evil 7

After all the rumors and materials used, it is normal that Resident Evil 7 is one of the most anticipated games of the franchise. Not in vain, it implies a radical change in the ideas that were handled in the series, including the change in how we play the game. We now turn to the first person. However, as we have learned, there is more one novelty: the project will be the most difficult of the Resident Evil franchise.

It was Hajime Horiuchi, one of the designers of Resident Evil 7, which has confirmed that the game will be the most demanding of the brand. I.e., we must be very good when it comes to play, taking into account the challenges that we will have to face. In fact, is something that have developed intentionally in order to make that experience more replayable and complete the titling is not a stroll in the countryside.

Horiuchi has asserted that “wanted to be sure of that in a find to solo with an enemy us were to meet before a threatens it enough effective as for finish with your life“. Curiously, this type of changes are are implementing enough in the last video games. Not forget that those users already is had complained of that the projects current had levels of difficulty too low. Seems that the developers are have since the batteries in this aspect.

If are players to which them like them challenges and that not fear pass fear, I recommend that wait until the 24 of January, that will be when Resident Evil 7 is put to the sale for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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