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STRAFE is published the 28 of March

STRAFE, the nostalgic shooter first person who seduced us with words about 1996 and convinced us with a handful of good ideas, will be released on March 28. Return Digital and Pixel Titans have announced with the trailer that you have above.

The video, well short, has no gameplay but it is limited to using one of its most characteristic points, al gore, to plant the date of release in a wall. At the end of last year we saw a trailer focused precisely on the blood and viscera that enemies leave in their path; It has been so from the beginning, in fact, because in the first videos of the version pre-alpha already saw that blood was more important than in other games.

Give the most explicit example enemies who ejecting acid instead of blood, and whose imprint on the stage becomes a stroke gun, a mini challenge generated dynamically in the heat of the firefight. Dodge the battering to not burn is with the acid or find to another victim that cover with its SAP it substance dangerous is an of the situations peculiar of STRAFE that know.

There is a version for PlayStation 4 in process, also, but time only it is talking about the launch in Windows. It is expected.

STRAFE will release on PC March 28 whether you like it or not. Retweet or die.

-Return Digital (@devolverdigital) January 20, 2017

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