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Sekai Project updated the KickStarter’s saga ‘Grisaia’


Sekai Project, in its most recent KickStarter project page, It has recently uploaded an Update on progress made with the location of the Grisaia trilogy: The Fruit of Grisaia, The Labyrinth of Grisaia and Grisaia of The Eden.

By that count, the location of Grisaia of Eden is to the 75% with the translations. On the other hand, the version + 18 of Labyrinth of Grisaia is almost complete, and in brief will begin to work with the part more technical of the project.

In addition to this, they announce that whole saga (and some other videogames annexed to the company) will be on discount for a short period of time in the Steamdigital store.

It saga Grisaia is present in PSVita in Japan, but due to the censorship and to another type of issues, not has been possible that the location of this project reaches to it portable, by what is focus only in the version of PC for the update. Also, taking in has the character + 18 of some aspects of the title, is clear that the version for PC will be with less requirements at the time of add some type of images to them updates.


If you are interested in this novel visual, do not forget to visit Steam.

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