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Month Mini #2: Bubble Bobble


It is not less arcade to Balloon Fight and many others, but Bubble Bobble allowed the luxury to warn the player that begins “a fantastic story” and invite you to a ‘voyage’ to the ‘cave of monsters’. The game is a descent through a series of levels; the protagonists are …

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The Mini NES craft includes cartridges

One of the things that Squeak a little Mini NES is that simulated door which can not be opened. We have said several times that this product is equivalent to a Memorial Amiibo, a friendly figurine that happens that it also comes with a great collection of games, but we …

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The Wit.nes is the latest game from Jonathan Blow NES the demake


Dustin Long, alias dustmop, has released a trial version of The Wit.nes, a very interesting project: demake for purposes of The Witness, the latest game from Jonathan Blow. It is available at «Developed in two months», says its creator, “this NES ROM is a reinterpretation and homage of the …

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