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The Mini NES craft includes cartridges

One of the things that Squeak a little Mini NES is that simulated door which can not be opened. We have said several times that this product is equivalent to a Memorial Amiibo, a friendly figurine that happens that it also comes with a great collection of games, but we have also read suggestions from readers about add to the bet additional games as complementary collectable small mini-cartridge. I don’t know if it makes much sense as technology, but it is clear that if it is sold not missing who purchased it.

A man named daftmike has wanted to share on YouTube the cacharrillo which has manufactured at home and that has to do with the imaginary version that many proposed both the Mini NES. He says that he began to work on the project a couple of weeks before the announcement of Nintendo commemorative toy, and the truth is that it seems to have nailed the same dimensions. That Yes: casings if consolilla are those of a Raspberry Pi, the system which has been installed is Emulation Station, which allows a lot of consoles in addition to NES and do so through an HDMI port.

But here comes the interesting thing: the guy has not been limited to make a Raspberry Pi shaped NES box, but it has added functional buttons, the Red pilotito and a fully functional hatch. And the craziest of all: daftmike has released their 3D printer performance and has accompanied its NES Mini craft of small mini-cartridge sea of lovable, also perfectly entering the console and make this famous stand type VHS but with spring that dragged down the cartridge by pushing it. And not only that but it also cartridges work, or at least to emulate operation: within each minicartridge is a NFC sticker that tells you to enter in the console to the system what game it is (has done some Game Boy games but with form of NES cartridges), and the emulator is responsible for look for it in the Raspberry Pi (a microSD memory Surely) and start it.

Where as if has gone you a little hands is taking miniaturization to the controls. Your Mini NES comes with two USB ports where we can connect basically any command (even wireless, with one of those adapters Bluetooth), but has decided to take the miniproceso to the latest miniconsecuencias and created a couple of controls of NES the same exact scale to the console. Does not seem as comfortable but more charming.

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