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The creator of Harvest Moon Announces Birthdays for PS4


Them catalogues always must fill is of titles extravagant and with proposals that break between the games that tend to verse between them more sold. Birthdays, the new game from Yasuhiro Wada, creator of Harvest Moon, seems that will try to offer something different.

Birthdays will allow players to create, evolve constantly, and develop environments in new places with living beings to be adapted to this habitat. It will be playable at Tokyo Game Show in September.


  • Genre: simulation.
  • Output: 19 of January of 2017 in Japan.
  • Development: completed to the 70%.
  • Director: Hiroshi Hara.
  • Producer: Yasuhiro Wada.
  • Gameplay: the player can increase or reduce the level of their land to create mountains or valleys, or design a depression to accumulate water. Time will pass and creatures that adapt to the environment will be born. You can share photos of your worlds through the Share of PS4 function.

Don’t paint badly. Remember to Spore, but knowing the author, game formula will be tighter and more cohesive than in the EA game. With a bit of luck I hope that can play it by these lares.

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