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The games of PlayStation Plus of August include Yakuza 5

Sony has announced the games that are added to the collection instant of PlayStation Plus during the month of August.

PlayStation 4 we have Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy. The first may be fine: is a game in which the objective is stacking tetrominoes, the same chips that we all remember the Tetris sci-fi thriller, ruled by a physical system that seems to tend to make things difficult. Seems oriented to the multiplayer: to create towers of tetrominoes it more high possible before the rest of players, avoiding that the gravity do its work.

Rebel Galaxy not so known; on Steam, their creators define it as «an intrepid adventure of space, battle full of action, exploration, discovery, trade and ‘negotiation’ with some extravagant inhabitants on the edge of the known universe». Guest reviews are not wrong, in fact: might be a surprise.

The most interesting game of few offer this month escapes from official presentations, as seen in the video above and on the company’s blog. I speak of Yakuza 5, which is next to Retro / Grade the couple of PlayStation 3 games; I can’t say much about the first, but the second (a shooter rhythmic that you can play with the remote or a plastic, the Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitar) was already free, although not as part of the instant collection, in 2012, for eight weeks.

Finally, Vita receives Patapon 3 and Ultratron, this last shared with PS3 and PS4. Patapon 3 is one game more than recommended, although it is not actually Vita but PSP; Ultratron, on the other hand, is an arcade with retro flavor.

This week we also know the games with Gold in August at Xbox One and Xbox 360, which include WWE 2K 16 and Spelunky.

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