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You can already play Pokémon Go in Apple Watch

Pokémon Go ya se puede jugar en Apple WatchWhat has been the media of the year phenomenon? Aside from politics, international conflicts, art and social struggle, if we focus only on the important thing really, possibly Pokémon Go sogiologicamente has crashed it to entirely unexpected levels to its creators, the testimonial Nintendo and even for us players.

Now that the foam has dropped a little but has not dissolved all or much less, the Lords of Niantic just announced that brain virus called Pokémon Go has also spread to the Apple Watch (already you can download on iTunes) in a version that has obviously been stripped of many things and lightened with respect to the game for smartphones with the idea that can be used in one of those smart watches. What is essential, that Yes, still there: you can find Pokemon, collect items from the Pokeparadas and catch Pokemon candies. I understand that by giving one of those bugs we will be notified of their presence and we must draw equally mobile, in this case the iPhone, to carry it out.

In December 2015 the own Niantic acknowledged in an interview of Polygon that the smartwatch did not seem them to be an appropriate platform for their type of games, which had plans to adapt their products, and a year later here we are. It may not be so much a sign of inconsistency in as of the power that has become Pokémon Go suddenly, something able to redo her plans to somebody, let alone as the company that developed it.

You have to do if the Niantic also decides to make the effort for smart watches with Android, but taking into account the extremely cross the scope of his game, has a lot felt offer you even more possibilities to the followers.

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