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More titles on Xbox One retrocompatibles!


To the huge list of retrocompatibles’s Xbox 360 titles, and that you can enjoy on Xbox One, joins a small handful of more titles, which many will probably appreciate. Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, NeoGeoBattle Coliseum or Crystal Defenders are some of the announced titles that will be retrocompatibles with One. …

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Activision came close to RARE


Microsoft took Rare in 2002 for $ 375 million. In that bid, Seattle’s were not the only ones interested in taking the study as had Ed Fries, co-creator of Xbox.Activision pushed by more than Microsoft’s and looked like they were going to acquire the Studio, but at the last minute, …

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So it was going to be the monopoly of consoles


Right now, the sector of the consoles has several competitors, each with their own bets and user base. However, as has been able to learn, things would not be so. In fact, the different companies currently involved in the sector were going to act together, instead of separately. Ed Fries, …

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Microsoft announces new retrocompatibles games with Xbox One


As you know, Microsoft continues to work on making some of the games that are on sale for the Xbox 360 can play Xbox One. A functionality that allows that we can continue throwing items to projects from the previous console, without the need of having the hardware itself. Although …

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Xbox One reduces its price in United Kingdom


After the announcement, Microsoft, of two new consoles Xbox, was apparent we were going to see enough movement in the current Xbox One. It has not been executed immediately, even if you have been attentive to the sector you noticed you have been coming us several news about hardware. The …

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