Sunday , May 28 2023

Slain Renews with its last update and gives an extra copy


The launch of Slain, a title of adventure and action of cutting metroidvania, wasn’t expecting its creator Andrew Gilmour. The reaction of users was not positive since the game was not satisfactory in many areas: from difficult excessive and poorly calibrated to a clumsy and little intuitive combat system. All …

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New Pokémon of the Alola region!


We already know that we will soon enjoy the new generation of Pokemon in our 3DS, Sun Pokemon and Pokemon moon. So far, in the wake of all the trailers presented and the information that has been showing us Nintendo about this new release, there are strange news. After having …

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The second release of Slain! aims to correct the errors of the first

The ill-fated Slain! again try their luck a few months after its first release with a reissue, suitably subtitled Back from Hell, which corrects many of the numerous errors and imperfections that stained the first attempt. Who already have the game should receive the new version via an update, which …

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Outlast 2 delayed his departure until 2017


Bad news for lovers of terror. The launch of Outlast 2, scheduled for autumn of this year, has been delayed until the beginning of 2017. The news has announced on the Facebook page of the game through a statement Red Barrels explaining why the delay was needed to be sure …

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BioWare closes its official forums for social networks


The official BioWare forums closed on 26 August, the company has announced. The closure will not be total, but almost: will only be active sections of Star Wars: The Old Republic and some «private forums’ that can be «used in the future to collect opinions about betas or other special …

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List of trophies of Inside for filtered PS4


Inside is one of the best indies published this year. Don’t forget Salt & Sanctuary or the excellent The Witness, to cite two examples, but Inside is the very best that was published in the independent in recent months market.Playdead, the study commissioned by Inside, has taken the Limbo player …

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