Sunday , June 23 2024

Analysis of BoxBoxBoy!


The BoxBoy! original was a surprise. It was because much or it knew (although wore hovering some months by Japan) until the same day of its release, announced by surprise in a Nintendo Direct. Also because it is a little weird game of the study that we are accustomed to …

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Ritual of love and death: a progress of Bloodstained


If the mix of genres that made Metroid and Castlevania gave origin to the called metroidvania, it true is that not had much sense tick of metroidvania to a game come out of the head of the same father of Castlevania, Koji Igarashi. Thus on Reddit, the place which it …

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Podcast Reload: Programme 40, season 7


Download MP3. John Romero and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, at last together. The Gamelab changes location again, but maintained the trend of recent years: first level – also invited were Peter Moore, Ron Gilbert and David Braben, to mention a few – in lectures that do not always end up as …

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World of Final Fantasy pictures


World of Final Fantasy is one of those adventures that will hopefully looking forward to since its announcement. Was revealed during the Conference of Sony at the E3 of 2015, but was overshadowed by the arrival of Final Fantasy VII: Remake, announced just after. Without, however, as they have gone …

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Assault Suit Leynos comes to PS4 with the flavour of a classic


Soon will come the Assault Suit Leynos remake, announced by Rising Star Games, with intention to resurrect the classic 16-bit Dracue Software, Target Earth, 1990. By the time, will come only in format digital. However, they announce that, later, will a physical the same game version. Assault Suit Leynos promises …

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