Monday , December 4 2023

Rez Infinite, game launch of PlayStation VR


Enhance Games, the study which is the remake of Rez, has confirmed that the game will be one of those who join PlayStation VR at its launch and that, at least for the moment, only it will be published in digital format. Rez Infinite was announced at the end of …

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Devil completo Third servers closed in December


Nintendo has announced the closing of the servants of the Devil completo Third, which will be included in Japan on 29 December of this year. As of June 27 it will not be possible to buy eggs of gold through micropayments, and the game will receive a discount of 50% …

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Payday 2 free to play until July 4 on Steam


If there is someone with a PC that is unproven, Payday 2 is available to be played for free on Steam until July 4. An arch of time more than enough to get an accurate idea of what this title of robberies at banks and various criminal activities. A move …

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The free-to-play Kill Strain arrives July 12 to PS4


Kill Strain will be published in PS4 on July 12; in this trailer above you can see the game before its release. In the game, multiplayer and free-to-play, two teams meet for the scene control. Some are human and other, mutants; each faction has different heroes (nine humans; three mutants) …

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Furi will be available July 5


The French of The Game Bakers announced yesterday, via press release, this is almost ready: Furi, its interesting action game with designs of Takashi Okazaki (of Afro Samurai), go on sale for PCs and PS4 on July 5. It will cost $24.99, so there also be the price in euros. …

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Critical WarCraft: The origin


The union between cinema and video games is perhaps one of the more complex and worse results given to date. Few tapes based on video games can be considered good and something similar happens with the games inspired by movies. I know nothing about what leads to this so anomalous …

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