Monday , May 29 2023

Filters a teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Has appeared on the internet a teaser of Star Wars: Battlefront 2; filtration is anticipated at the Star Wars Celebration 2017, where this video was displayed for the first time. You can see it on these lines (at this time still has not been removed from Vimeo). The video speaks …

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Bayonetta debuts on PC by surprise


Without too much noise and by surprise. Bayonetta has thus become PC, without any kind of pomp that usually accompany such releases. And it is that you despite his controversial style, no one discusses the virtues that have made that Bayonetta is regarded as an excellent hack and slash with …

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Warriors all-stars will come to Europe September 1

Tecmo KOEI Europe has today announced that Warriors all-stars, the musou characters of several franchises of the company, will be available in Europe on 1 September. Here there will be versions for PS4 and PC; It seems that the de Vita is in Japan, where the game is available from …

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DiRT 4 will not have support for Virtual reality… At the beginning


If you are a Virtual reality enthusiasts, we are confident that esperaréis forward the launch of each game that takes advantage of this technology. It is evident that it is a novelty to consider. However, development studies are thinking, increasingly, to offer this opportunity during the launches of their projects. …

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Minecraft will have micropayments on Windows 10 and mobile


If you have played the versions for mobile devices and Windows 10 of Minecraft, you noticed I that they are somewhat more limited than the others, with less features and a graphic adapted to each platform. In fact, Mojang AB still working in order to equate all editions, something to …

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Analysis of The Franz Kafka Video Game


I remember hearing, on a visit to Madrid, the following sentence: «I, I, Kafka… is demasiao». I don’t know who said it; we hunt it on the fly and to this day it is impossible to know its context. Why was demasiao Kafka to the anonymous person who crossed my …

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Uncharted: The lost legacy will be August 23

They said Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4 was going to be the end of the franchise, but there’s a slight change of plans: what had to have been a DLC for this game ended up growing up to become another, Uncharted: the legacy lost -the first well translated from the franchise …

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G2A responds to the ultimatum of Gearbox


G2A has published a statement on the controversy that arose this week in the wake of its failed promotion agreement with Gearbox. The purpose of the statement is “explain in depth several of the little misunderstandings and precise facts» associated to the store recently. Collaboration between Gearbox and G2A was …

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Bayonetta today comes to Steam

The PC version of Bayonetta will be available today, as reported by Engadget. The text (which right now is not available, even though you see on the cover; has been published more than one hour before the end of the countdown that Sega started April 1) explains that this new …

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