Sunday , June 23 2024

Special Nioh: Eastern magic


Nioh has been a surprise that anticipated after testing the alpha and beta released before its commercialization. The rope tightened the budget of Nioh neck and that lack of cash limited to play in various fields that have had no such restriction, the work of Team Ninja would have been …

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Arms and Splatoon the last Nintendo Direct copan (and more inside)


Nintendo Switch is taking color, body and intentions. That may be the owner of sensations that leaves the last Direct of the Kyoto and an extra appreciation: careful with 3DS that is still very much alive. Nintendo Switch Arms. The Nintendo fighting game has added new characters to their roster …

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Special Toukiden 2: how Hunt the larger Oni?


The special Oni are those Oni of larger size that we will be in a fairly regular manner along Toukiden 2. We will not only have to face in the missions or in the history, but we can find them wandering the field quietly or attacking any of our fellow …

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A stroll in the Minas morgul of shadows of war

Through IGN, Monolith has released a video which shows a fragment of Shadows of Guerra, the next set of La Tierra-Media. (Not to be confused, or Yes, with shadows of war: the Spanish Civil War, by Legend Studios.) You can see it on the top of these lines. In the …

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