Saturday , June 15 2024

Get the SuperSorteo Christmas of Patreon


We thought that this Christmas was time to do something to be compensated once by all those drawings Patreon that for one reason or another have not had lately. It was difficult, but we have found a foolproof way that you abandon the idea of break our knees, an elaboradisima …

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MegaMan will return to the West


Every few months, we see as the most popular companies in the world of video games will plunge, little by little, on phones iOS and Android. In addition to the usual with desktop consoles and portable activities, there are many releases that are advertised as exclusive mobile. If you have …

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Robots of Platinum: first impressions of NieR: controller


Square, square, triangle. With the first shots I felt, although it is not a comparison that be especially proud, as an addict who gets a small chute after several months clean. I never had any intention of quitting, but 2016 has been a year of strange, when not inexcusably bad, …

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Super Mega Baseball 2 can be one of the 2017 Sheepskin

I did not get to play never Super Mega Baseball for a number of reasons – it came out on the European PSN in April 2015, when already nobody talked about it after its American release in December 2014, among other reasons – but I was about to do so. …

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The remake of half-life by fans will have a new version of Xen


Black Mesa is not only the name of the company where he worked Gordon Freeman in the first Half-life, is also the title receiving an anthological remake of the original game carried out by Crowbar Collective, a group of fans of the franchise’s Valve. It project leads in gestation more …

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You can already play Pokémon Go in Apple Watch


What has been the media of the year phenomenon? Aside from politics, international conflicts, art and social struggle, if we focus only on the important thing really, possibly Pokémon Go sogiologicamente has crashed it to entirely unexpected levels to its creators, the testimonial Nintendo and even for us players. Now …

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