Wednesday , April 8 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn has sold more than 2.6 million copies


Two weeks is what guerilla has needed to place more than 2.6 million copies of its new IP, Horizon Zero Dawn. Unlike other occasions, Sony reflected that these numbers are not distributed units and final consumers.A success that evokes the release of The Last of Us at the time. The …

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Analysis of Induction


Timecrimes goes about a guy, Hector, who collaborates with itself to solve a puzzle; After travel time in time travel, Hector unfolds, trace a plan and tricks to solve a puzzle that gives answer, ultimately, to a mystery that only exists within the film. It is a film having fun …

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Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold more than two million and half copies

They say from Sony that things are going well with the latest Guerrilla game: sales of Horizon: Zero Dawn have exceeded the 2.6 million copies around the world, adding the physical and the digital. That makes it «the largest debut» Dutch study and in “the most successful launch of a …

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Special Resident Evil 7: classical mechanics


Resident Evil 7 has become a game to keep in mind for fans of the series and in a very dignified way carries the weight of belonging to the main series of the history of terror of Capcom.The praises are not free and must be assumed that ke7 is a …

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What has happened with the Nintendo Switch manuals?


The inclusion of manuals on the boxes of video games is a task that is becoming extinct. We still remember how, during the release of half-life 2, only included a cardboard with some information about the controls. Well, it seems that the use of physical manuals is going to history. …

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Outlast 2 will have Satanic orgias and a male rape


I think that as years that not publish one of those news stories based on fascinating summaries of the ESRB game full of violence, sex, drugs and talk of bad taste, but I think that today it is worth returning to this type of content. This time, that Yes, the …

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Drawn to Death will be free to PS Plus subscribers


The new game from David Jaffe, Drawn to Death, will be one of the games of PlayStation Plus subscribers can play free of charge during the month of April, has announced the own Jaffe on the PlayStation blog. Jaffe explains that «he wanted to find a way to invite all …

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