Monday , May 29 2023

Destiny 2 on sale September 8


The official announcement of the game was not accompanied by any type of material, except for an image with a number indicating that we were before the sequel to Destiny. After a timid teaser that has resulted in the next trailer, first weight of Destiny 2 content was published: In …

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Stationeers is the new Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ


The credit earned by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall with DayZ, one of the most important mods of history, expected that after ceding the shebang to Bohemia to the stand-alone version, New Zealand enthusiast embarking is a largest and most ambitious project now that you have the means and some experience. By …

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Wipeout Omega Collection will be published June 7


Sony has announced the release date of Wipeout Omega Collection, the collection of remasterisations for PlayStation 4. It will be available beginning June 7. This collection includes, adapted to our world in the year 2017, Wipeout HD, HD Fury and 2084, in total 26 circuits and 46 ships, «remastered in …

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