Sunday , May 19 2024

The first Gran Turismo Sport closed beta begins in one week


How many want to have of Grantu? I’m not exactly a fan of racing, but I see a little off steering wheel with respect to Gran Turismo Sportcommunity, perhaps because it does not have the stunt at the end of the title which guarantees true technological leap and certain amount …

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The shmup Bullet Soul comes to Steam April 6

The Japanese study 5bp announced Bullet Soul, its generous bale shmup enemy, will reach Steam on April 6. This version is based on the Xbox 360 and includes all the DLC that was published in the Microsoft console. What is offered is more or less the same: a normal mode …

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APE Out is the Hotline Miami of primates

Return Digital has presented the «playable trailer» Ape Out, which you can see here above and here playing in the background, or to the right, or the direction in which they are links to Steam. APE Out has an air to Hotline Miami, clear, but stars a large primate that …

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Special Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World: Yoshi


There are occasions in which the secondary characters are able to steal the limelight to main. Not happens with too much frequency, but yes is possible that those characters that accompany to the main can rub shoulders is of you to you with it. This is the case of Yoshi, …

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Horizon: Zero Dawn, so the latest patch, 288 MB, polishing the game


Guerrilla turns to put the batteries. After publication, a few days ago, Horizon: Zero Dawn, one of the most anticipated games in the industry, the users have discovered some important failure endangering the playability of the project. Development team, without hesitation, has released an Update that could define emergency, and …

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Blackwood Crossing will be released April 4th

Its makers have announced on Twitter that Blackwood Crossing will be available for PS4 on April 4. A day later will come also to PC and Xbox One. And hell is Blackwood Crossing? Good question. Nor I knew this surreal adventure about two orphans. It develops PaperSeven, a small study …

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Bye-bye BoxBoy! is published in Europe the 23 of March

Nintendo has announced the release date of Bye-bye BoxBoy! , the third installment of the series which began in 2015. It will be on March 23, in digital format, via the eShop of Nintendo 3DS. This new delivery (perhaps the last, if attend to the title) includes 180 levels that …

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Nyx is the first heroine of Quake Champions

Seems that id Software not only goes to apply to Quake Champions part of it recipe magic of the gender hero shooter, that kind of mix between the MOBA and the FPS, but also has back to Bethesda following them same methods promotional of them large of this mode relatively …

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